Capturing unique images that tell a story

At Crawford Filmworks we have specialized in Drone Cinematography & Photography for over 5 years and are backed by extensive 5M liability insurance and a nation wide Transport Canada license. This allows us the ability to fly in the most remote & difficult of places. We are excited to annouce the partnership with ParaZero a drone parachute company. Crawford Filmworks are some of the first in Canada to be approved for flights over people when using our Mavic 2 Pro equppied with ParaZeros Parachute System. Crawford Filmworks drone team is dedicated to surpassing your needs and are committed to pushing the boundaries in aerial creativity, our drone fleet is made up of the FreeFly Alta 8, DJI Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro 2, giving us the ability to fly everything up to your film industry standard Arri Alexa Mini, And RED Cameras.

Drone Projects