About Crawford Filmworks

From the skies to stages

Crawford Filmworks is a “One Stop Shop” when it comes to film productions. Our wide range of crew that specialize in their craft allows everyone to focus on achieving the best possible product. Crawford Filmworks offers everything you need in Pre Production, Production, Post Production. We take pride in being able to cover a large range of filming specialties from Directing, Producing, Drone Operating, Precision Arm Filming, and Editing.

Jacob Crawford was an early adapter of drone technology and first began using it for Photography. That passion quickly grew into a much larger love for film and cinematography. Jacob now is known as one of the youngest professional drone pilots in the film industry. Known for aerial work on X Files, The 100, and Man In The High Castle.

Jacob's love for film continued as he began branching further passed aerial. Jacob received a break in the music industry as a videographer for a touring music artist and has found himself all across the world at some of the biggest music festivals. Jacob continues to push the creative boundaries as he takes on a director's roll in the directing of music videos and other films. His diverse experience in aerial cinematography has allowed him to truly create unique and captivating content.